A God Who Cares More Than We Can Imagine

person holding brown chick during daytime

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Is there anything so insignificant that God doesn’t care about it?

At our most recent Thursday night worship service here at YWAM’s University of the Nations. The speaker had emphasized how Christians, especially artists and the media, are key in paving the way for change in a culture. The emcee then issued a call for anyone wanting to “go the whole way with God” in impacting culture with their gifts, to come forward and receive prayer. I, among others, responded; What else would my gift of writing be intended for?

After I left the meeting and returned to my dorm, I felt as if the Lord was leading me to go to the campus coffee shop. Maybe God has a divine appointment for me at the coffee shop.

On the way, my little friend Violet came running to meet me, meowing. Begging for food perhaps?  She hadn’t eaten much that day which had caused me a bit of worry. Was her feline herpes getting worse and taking away her appetite?

I had a bag of cat food in my purse so I sat down at a nearby picnic table, pulled out the bag and dumped a small bit onto the bench for her. Violet hopeed write up and chowed down as if she hadn’t eaten in a week. I gave her at last two more helpings before I felt she had enough. So much for a loss of appetite.

And the sense that I needed to go to the campus coffee shop?  Gone.


Does God care enough about even kitties and sparrows that he would call on a human to help them just for their sake?

Or did he want to address my worries about my little friend’s welfare and assure me she was okay?

Or maybe both?

I don’t know and it’s really not important. But I believe God is far more caring and good attentive and good then we could ever comprehend.

Because that’s what love does. Especially the love of an infinite, almighty Father God.



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