Bio: Currently, I am located in beautiful Lancaster County, PA where I grew up. Technically, I’ve been a free-lance writer since my second grade teacher let me go into her closet for notebook paper to use for my story writing. My first love is fiction but I have also taken an interest in article writing and Christian devotionals. I am currently working on an allegorical novel and have also written several unpublished play scripts. In 2011, I graduated from the three month long School of Writing with Youth With A Mission, Woodcrest near Lindale, Texas. I have spent a number of years in missionary work and traveled to almost a dozen different countries. I have worked mostly in administrative support roles, retail and, briefly, theater, in the several decades since high school graduation. Besides creative writing, I also have a passion for the fine and performing arts, books, animals and animal assisted-therapy and have a strong interest in nurturing the spiritual walk of new Christians from completely non-Christian backgrounds. And if you are at all interested in the irrelevant, mundane details of who I am, my favorite color is green, I have a great sense of humor and one of my favorite activities in the entire world is theater improvisational exercises. I also grew up Mennonite (not Amish) and one of my pet peeves about today’s culture is that everyone is in too much of a hurry!

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One thought on “About

  1. Figured this was a good way to reach you since I don’t have your e-mail address, Cheryl. Thanks for your devotions at LCWG Saturday. Think you said you may have misplaced or lost your copy of Batterson’s Circle Maker. FYI, it’s in the Lancaster library system. I borrowed it last year & found it challenged me.

    Thanks for your fun blog….my first visit…loved the You Know You’re a Book Junkie When…
    Hope you don’t have cause for more hospital humor, but a collection would make a great book. Enjoyed your black ice piece too…(as I did your colon surgery one you shared a couple Decembers ago at LCWG).

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